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The people and the working class of Greece struggle for the overthrow of imperialist brutality and subjugation

Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist)

The situation in Greece

The situation in Greece is critical both for the people and the working class. Because of the imperialist dependence of the country, its position in the EU and the Eurozone, its military-political dependence in NATO and its military-political role as a NATO-US springboard, the social and political developments in Greece cannot be seen apart from the developments in SE Mediterranean, the M. East., N. Africa, the Balkans and the quarrels inside the EU.
All contradictions and geo-political aims of the imperialist powers in the region, along with the special but critical issue of the future of the EU, are influencing all developments in our country, having in their background the world crisis. That is the reason that Greece is in the first page of the Media something that is proportionately greater than that of other countries similar to Greece (Portugal, Ireland).
The troika mechanism and its real targets

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eternal honor to comrade Koteswara Rao
Solidarity to the struggle of CP of India (Maoist)

Press Statement

With sorrow and anger we learned officially from the Communist Party of India (Maoist) about the brutal murder of the leading cadre of the Indian revolutionary communist movement Mallojula Koteswara Rao, member of the Politburo of CPI (Maoist) on November 24, 2011. Comrade Rao, known by the millions of revolutionary Indian peasants and poor as Kisenji, was murdered in cold blood by the special forces of the Indian criminal state, after chasing him in a forest area of West Bengal. Despite the claims of the police that he was killed in an armed encounter, all evidence show that he was murdered after being caught and tortured.
The hate of the Indian state was so great that it put restrictions in his funeral so that it might not become mass mobilization. Comrade Rao was a leading personality and had guided great struggles of the peasants, the dalits and the indigenous people in eastern India, he was the inspirator of resistance and great popular movements of Singhur, Nandigram and Lalghar that have shook irreparably the government of W. Bengal and had a great influence on the movements in all of India. A militant fighter since fifteen, Rao, took part in the great uprising of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh in 1969. He was a child of a poor family in the Indian countryside and he devoted his whole life till his death to the cause of the revolution. He was the protagonist in the unification of the two great organizations of the naxalite movement and the formation of the CP India (Maoist) in 2004. He was the organizer of the political and military successes of the guerrilla movement in the whole of Eastern India, the famous “red corridor”.
For all these reasons comrade Rao was one of the main targets of the criminal head hunters of the Indian regime during the so called operation “Green Hunt”. The target of this genocidal operation is the uprooting of the revolutionary movement with mass killings, village burnings, population transfer and other brutalities. The murder of comrade Rao is one in many targeted killings of leading cadres in recent years aiming at the beheading of the revolutionary movement.
There human losses that are heavy as a mountain and the loss of comrade Rao is such one to the millions of poor workers and peasants of India. That is why the reactionary regime of India and its propaganda media are rejoicing all these days. Unfortunately for them there are thousands of fighters like comrade Rao in India who are ready to take his place in the struggle for a society of justice and freedom.
The Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist) sends its warm condolences and solidarity to the comrades of the CP India (Maoist), to all popular resistance movements and the family of comrade Rao. It condemns the criminal Indian regime that supports the interests of an oligarchic minority against the hundreds of millions of poor popular masses. We stress our solidarity to the revolutionary movement of the Indian people, a revolutionary movement that is in the forefront of the revolutionary struggles of the people of Asia for social and national liberation.

Eternal honor to comrade Koteswara Rao
Solidarity to the struggle of CP of India (Maoist)

Press Bureau of CP of Greece (m-l)

Athens 28-11-2011

Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Athens 28 November 2011

Dear comrades

On behalf of the cadres as well as the rank and file members of the Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist) we express our condolences for the cold-blooded murder and planned assassination of c. Kishanji alias Mallojula Koteswara Rao, Politburo Member of CPI (Maoist) on 24 November 2011. We strongly condemn the murderous Indian state which, once more, manifested its barbarous character against any revolutionary fighting to defend people’s rights and social liberation. This murder comes a few months after the torture and killing of c. Azad, another high cadre of PCI (Maoist) and exposes the hate but also the fear of the Indian reactionary establishment for the development of people’s struggle all over India.

Greek communists will by all means express their solidarity through their own struggle against imperialism and reactionary forces, promoting our common tasks for a revolutionary change and a socialist future.

Political Bureau of

Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist)

Friday, October 21, 2011

People’s wrath flooded the whole country! The determination of the people and the workes must block the brutal attack, state terror and provocatsia!

Thurdasy 20/10/2011
The Communist Party of Greece (m-l) salutes the hundreds of thousands of strikers who for two days have flooded the streets and the squares in Athens and every city all over the country against the new law – that concerns new austerity measures and abolition of workers rights.
This 2-day general strike was the result of the pressure exercised on the sold out leadership of the two workers’ confederations ( in public and private sector). During the last weeks there were a lot of mobilizations in the public sector, hospitals, ministries etc. this strike has shown – once more – that the workers and the people in our country are determined to fight and overthrow the barbarism imposed by the gornment’s policies and to oust the Troica, the IMF and the European imperialists. They have managed to surpass the obstacles set forth by the sold out leadership of the union with their participation in mass assemblies and militand resolutions in work places and unions.
The Communist Party of Greece (m-l) denounces the state terror that was launched –particularly the second day, 20/10, in Syntagma Square in Athens through a sweeping operation using chemical gas against the demonstrators.
The clash among erroneous and provocative stances and practices on who was the “owner” of the square contributed in the premature dispersal of the mass demonstration in Syntagma Square.
On one side it was those who hurried to encircle the parliament claiming that they were the “genuine class force” and on the other side it was those who overwear their existence in throwing stones. This clash provided to the government the pretext to accelerate and launch its attack against the demonstrators. And unfortunately it resulted to a death.
Regardless of the result of the voting in parliament, the workers can and should continue their resistance against the policies of Troica and its puppets (the bourgeois parties) in order to hinder the appliance of this new law.
The only way to defend their lives is to continue to resist and struggle. Neither elections nor coalition governments –that may be prepared- can be the solution to their problems.

Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist)

Monday, July 11, 2011

The US imperialists were, are, and will always be the sworn enemies of the peoples of the region

Hillary Clinton out of Greece!

Imperialists out of Greece, Turkey, the Balkans, Cyprus, and the Middle East!

War against the imperialist war!

The visit to Greece of the official representative of US imperialism, Hillary Clinton, is a direct provocation to our people but also to other peoples in the region. It is a show of force of the superpower, first and foremost, against the fighting Greek people.
The representatives of US imperialists visit Greece with audacity in order to confirm their direct intervention in our country and the region.
They come here after the Greek government reshuffling to show to their European counterparts that the superpower wants and can put its stamp in the developments and the balance of powers in the region. It wants mainly the alignment of the regional regimes with the US interests.
They also come here in order to support the Greek government, which wants this support after the recent events. The Greek government aligns itself openly with the fascist, zionist state of Israel in its continuous crime against the fighting Palestinian people and everyone who dares to express his solidarity.
Our people must demonstrate again against this visit. We must shout: THE US ARE UNWANTED!!! They must go taking with them their bases, NATO, their “aid”, and the IMF.
We must take again to the streets and the squares.
The Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist) calls for common and coordinated demonstrations in Athens and every major city in which we will condemn the American plans and the subjugation of the local government.

July 9, 2011

Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

About the “Free Gaza” Mission

Press Release

Tuesday June 28, 2011

The Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist) condemns the criminal and provocative stance of the government of Israel in its attempt to discourage the international humanitarian mission against the genocidal blockade of the Palestinian people in Gaza. The fascist, Zionist state threatens to repeat last year’s murderous attack, threatens the reporters of the international media and puts pressure on governments and humanitarian organizations. Behind these threats and open state terrorism are as always the US imperialists, European governments and the UN leadership.
The CPG (m-l) condemns the stance of the Greek government which, in its attempt to dissuade the participation of Greek citizens, gives permission for piratical and criminal practices in international and Palestinian waters by the state of Israel. The CPG (m-l) notes that the Papandreou government has in recent years strengthened its relationship with Israel against the wishes of the majority of the Greek people and the neighbor Arab peoples.
The CPG (m-l) has on every opportunity stated that the support and the solidarity for the just, national liberation, and anti-occupation struggle of the Palestinian people is the affair of a mass, independent, and anti-imperialist struggle of the peoples. This struggle is against the selfish aims of bourgeois and imperialist forces which have proven many times that they can easily change sides and policies. We have noted that the solidarity movement must choose actions and initiatives that conform to their own dynamic and power and must rely on their own strength. Anyway we call upon the democratic Greek people to support the Palestinian right for life, freedom and dignity.

The Press Bureau of CPG (m-l)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Attack WEF summit in Vienna, Austria, June 2011!
Smash imperialism and all its institutions!

From 8 to 9 June the summit of World Economic Forum (WEF) will take place in Vienna, Austria. Then more than 1000 representatives of various governments and companies with meet to coordinate on “economic, political and academic issues” and draw common plans on that. At least when reading the self-definition of WEF about “membership” one sees clearly who is meeting whom at this summit and which forces are convening for this summit: “A typical member company is a global enterprise with a turn-over of more than 5 billion US dollars.” The WEF summit is more than a mere conference for discussion, it is an important board of coordination of the biggest monopoly enterprises (banks and trusts) in the world sharing their plans for further and further maximizing their profits. The governments of the imperialist as well as the puppet governments installed by them in the dependent countries take part in the meeting to secure the translation of their plans into action. The contents of their coordinated plans are their attacks against the masses of the peoples and the working class. It’s about the interest of those who produce austerity programs, wage-cuts, longer working hours, abolishing political rights und much more against the workers for creating better conditions for the capitalists. It’s about the interest of those who have de-industrialized the Balkans and have destroyed social rights there, who have transformed Greece into a mere colony of EU- and US-Imperialism. It’s about the interest of those who have destroyed environment by ruinously exhausting the soil or by “profitably running” nuclear power plants (such as in Japan). It’s about the interests of those who suppress the peoples around the globe and instigate imperialist wars to enable them shape the conditions according to their profit interest.

It’s not the WEF alone but a long line of various international organizations and cooperations (e.g. International Monetary Funds – IMF, World Bank, General Agreement on Trades in Services – GATS etc.) that are very important for the interest of the capital of the imperialist countries and unions (US, EU, Russia,…). The WEF is however not the most important international meeting but it must nevertheless not be underestimated. As the spheres of exploitation and influence have already been distributed on a global scale the imperialist robbers unavoidably come into conflict with each other during their chase for profits. These contradiction emerging from the struggle for further maximum profits lead to conflicts increasing up to wars among the contending states for world domination. In trying to weaken the further aggravation of these conflicts among the imperialist states at least for some time and to get more space for their own maneuvers the representatives of the capital are led to certain international coordination. It’s transitory because the conflicts among them aggravate sooner or later to a point that for them international coordination becomes more a hindrance than a means of tactical advantage. As the WEF as well as other international institution of capital are based on such fundaments it cannot be fought against without struggle against imperialism at the same time. For communists in imperialist countries the main enemy is always in their ”own” country and their “own” imperialist bourgeoisie and it is their “own” state that must be fought against primarily. For those in dependent countries the struggle against suppression by the imperialist powers and the respective puppets in the governments installed by them is the most important task. On the one and the other way the point is that the revolutionary forces can only win if the working class movement in the imperialist countries closely links and unites with the movement of the workers and the peoples of the dependent countries. This unity expresses politically in proletarian internationalism, the firm revolutionary unity of the working class and peoples that is built up against the imperialist world order with the certain elements at present working together on a tactical level or not.

At present the imperialist governments succeed in calming down the working class of the imperialist countries to a large extent by means of extra profits squeezed out from the neo-colonies but especially the revolts in the suburbs (France 2006), the revolutionary movement in Bask Country, the militant workers movements in France, Italy and elsewhere we see rudiments of a militant, radical resistance against capitalism. The workers and peoples movement in the dependent countries however go further. The Greek proletariat that is still resisting the deterioration dictated by imperialism, the workers of Eastern Europe that are resisting the destruction of their social and political rights, the revolutionary peoples wars in India, Peru, Philippines, Turkey …, the democratic peoples rebellions in the Arabic countries, … – all these give vivid evidence that the plans of the imperialists, such as those coordinated at the WEF summit and elsewhere are answered by the peoples, are confronted by revolutionary resistance.

The topic of the WEF summit in Vienna is “Eastern Europe and Central Asia”. It’s not by chance that this summit takes place in Vienna when bearing in mind the role of Austrian imperialism especially in Eastern Europe and at the Balkans where it has heavy economic and political influence. Since the years after the fall of Russian social-imperialism in 1991hte WEF has regularly met in Vienna for coordinating the imperialist exploitation of the Balkans. This focal point of the WEF summit is moreover important for the imperialist EU project of today as they are according their political, military and economic intervention in this region with the biggest global monopoly companies i.e. nothing else than discussing among imperialists about the issue of gaining more profits from Eastern Europe or the Balkans, how to squeeze the people even more under the boots of imperialism. It’s a similar situation in Central Asia where the battle for zones of influence and markets aggravates among the imperialists of Russia, the EU, US and China and the capital interests of the Group of Shanghai 5. There however the imperialists are confronted with broad people’s movements and peoples wars led by Maoists whereas the people’s resistance at the Balkans is still weak.

We know well that radical upheavals leading to proletarian revolutions develop within the framework of nations, that contradictions develop unevenly and that therefore revolutionary forces are confronted with their respective next steps to solve their problems, but for getting further we nevertheless must advance and strengthen the cooperation of revolutionary communist forces in our struggles. Referring to the certain occasion we state that the WEF is an expression of objective imperialist needs and accordingly their interests. Therefore we call for getting active against them and participating in the actions against the WEF summit in June 2011 in Vienna. We want to develop the resistance on an internationalist and revolutionary level meaning that even a liquidation of the WEF would not change much – as capitalism has no errors but it is the error! Neither the international organizations and forums of the capital nor the imperialist global system can be reformed or shaped according with the interest of the masses. The aim is not a “fairer” distribution of the given goods but to bring production and political power into the hands of the working class and the peoples masses, and the first step for this must be smashing the bourgeois state apparatus. Against imperialism and all its institutions we link up with the resistance of the working class and peoples masses against the living conditions produced by imperialism and build up the struggle against the capitalist-imperialist system as a whole, the struggle for proletarian revolution, for communism.

Down with imperialism and all its institutions!

Forward with the anti-imperialist and people’s democratic revolutions!

Forward with the proletarian revolution!

Red Action (Croatia)
Party of Labour (Serbia)
Communist Party of Greece (marxist-leninist)
maoist Communist Party (Italy)
Red Block (Youth League of the maoist Comunist Party of Italy)
Workers and Peastants Party Bulgaria
Maoist Communist Party – Turkey/Northern Kurdistan
Partizan (Turkey)
New-Democratic Youth
Serve the People – Communist League of Norway
Initiative for the Construction of a Revolutionary-Communist Party (Austria)
Revolutionary-Communist Youth League (Austria)